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LinkeZeitung on Toys of power Create enemies with even more

LinkeZeitung on Toys of power Create enemies with even more


„Das größte Rüstungsprojekt Europas“ | Linke Zeitung

So the way I have mapped below, furthest to the west, is probably close to his reported home, if not exactly.

From The George Orwell Classic, '1984' If you've never read it, now might be the time in 2018, Son Stay Woke People! #georgeorwell #1984 #bigbrother #gop ...

Avigdor Lieberman wants to give war a chance

Defying Racism: A Palestinian musician's ordeal at Ben Gurion Airport

No More Enemies

... Carlos Latuff publishes a cartoon showing IDF soldiers with blood on their hands; Israeli comic book artist Uri Fink retaliates with his own cartoon.



A routine military drone test quickly turned into something more bizarre, after the missing aircraft mysteriously turned up ten days later over 600 miles ...


Muslim, Thinking Of You, Children, Thinking About You, Islam

Die Macht, der Krieg und der Tod – Rückblick auf die SiKo 2016 in München | Linke Zeitung

... is becoming more and more exaggerated in the media, and anti-Semitism officials will soon be sitting in every town hall, but in fact the racist attacks ...

The RQ-7 Shadow is launched New Shadow, Drones, Product Design, Product

israeli nukes risk

Netanyahu faces new challenges: Gantz surges in polls, Attorney General hints at indictment

Arabic: “Dareen Tatour, 9/8/18, Ramon prison.” “Imprisonment of the pencil.” Picture no.9 (Illustration by Dareen Tatour)

There is irony in the world's largest terrorist state, the United States, and its Gestapo domestic police agency, ...

It is amazing to me to hear the cries and complaints from Euro-Amerikans about so-called racism by New Afrikans or Blacks, racism against white people, ...

think duhh2

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Arabic: “Dareen Tatour, 8/18/18, Ramon prison.” “A spot of light.” Picture no.8 (Illustration by Dareen Tatour)

I cannot avoid the conclusion that the very bad relationship between [the news director] and myself over my four and a half years of criticism of the News ...

“Challenge.” Picture no.2 (Illustration by Dareen Tatour.)

Turkish hammam built by the Ottomans, now a luxury restaurant and “interior design studio” called Studio 99 (Credit: Yuula Benivolski)

On Oct. 29, 1966, Kwame Ture spoke to 10,000 students during the Students for a Democratic ...

An error occurred.

In 2018, there were a record number of Palestinian deaths (killings!) And injuries. Some 295 Palestinians were murdered and more than 29,000 were injured by ...

“The jail's bed.” Picture no.6 (Illustration by Dareen Tatour)


“We must speak with all the humility that is appropriate to our limited vision, but we must speak,” the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. declared at ...



Bismurth is diamagnetic , production of particles which can be steered through plasma and electromagnetic fields, causing a repulsive effect.

There is only one moral duty

Lockheed Martin's new Shadow Hawk weapon is deceptively small considering the influence it will have on warfare

We are publishing here the full translation from German of the document written by our comrades of the Gruppe Internationaler SocialistInnen (GIS) on the ...

The Shadow 200 is the smallest of the Shadow family of unmanned aircraft systems developed by AAI.

The entire RQ-7 Tactical Unmanned Aerial System Warfare

TEIL 1 - Kurzkommentare & Kurzmeldungen

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... more alarmist caption, “Invading troops dressed like National Guard.”

Allegra ...



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Lockheed Martin's new Shadow Hawk weapon is deceptively small considering the influence it will have on warfare

The Motherland Calls is a breathtaking 85-m high statue, the centrepiece of the “Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad” memorial at the Mamayev Kurgan in ...

“The Artists' Quarter,” a new condo development in Wadi Salib. Advertisements outside the building feature families and the slogan,”You are the Quarter” ...


Haifa's artists' quarter: an advertisement for the gallery and boutique apartments on the facade of a boarded up Palestinian building in Haifa (Credit: ...

Yaacov Zitser accounting firm bought one of the old buildings for its offices. across from it are dozens of emptied and gutted Palestinian buildings, Haifa.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

... of poverty, indecent housing, massive unemployment, poor medical care and inferior ...

mlk justice1 break-freeA



The US Army has lost contact with one of its Shadow drones last Tuesday in Arizona. The 450 pound drone has a wingspan of 20 feet and can fly for eight to

... of her murder on BART.

Recently I saw two films, each with a Herzogian story about a person who undertakes an ill-advised journey.

... 2010 and on March 25, 2014, the Assembly voted to strip her of her immunity.

“The jail's bed.” Picture no.5 (Illustration by Dareen Tatour.)

... begun in the “man-breaking, slave-making” process centuries ago. To reverse this process requires struggle ...


Unmanned Aircraft Systems

She stopped breathing. They made no effort to administer CPR, telling the family and witnesses that she was sleeping. When the ambulance finally arrived 20 ...

Gleichzeitig mit der Intensivierung des Raketenbeschusses auf israelische Städte hat die Hamas ihre PR-Kampagne radikalisiert. Die folgenden drei Aufnahmen ...

“Palestinian in Israel.”(Illustration by Dareen Tatour)

cartoon-and-article-upsetting-to-muslim-prisoners.jpg ...


Wenn die Flucht im Massengrab endet

... must support us by any means necessary. by Dr. Voodoo Medicine Man Sasa

On my way back home, I decided to swing by the funky little town of Cottage Grove. This place is most famous for the fact that Buster Keaton's The General ...

Der amerikanische Historiker Timothy Snyder ist neuer Träger des »Hannah-Arendt-Preises für politisches Denken«. Vergeben wird diese Auszeichnung ...

New HUD for Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft

familia rothschild - Căutare Google


Why Michelle Alexander's 'NY Times' column is having such a huge impact

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Photo: JR Valrey, Block Report. Let me put this in perspective for you yet again.

... of her murder on BART.

2, 2015 | I feel insecure .


Indictment against soldier filmed hitting Arab teen in Hevron

Stargate prop UAV with launching frame.

Like American lynchings of the Jim Crow era, this Dominican lynching symbolizes an act of racial terror against Haitians and Dominicans of ...

RQ-7B Shadow 200 IE

Soros-Hack: Die geleakten Dokumente beweisen, dass Soros an zahlreichen Intrigen beteiligt ist – Eine Top 10 der Manipulation | Linke Zeitung

4. Deloitte Consulting

failed states

Breaker Morant is a 1980 Australian film that is a loosely fictionalized account of an actual incident that occurred during the Boer War.

The Real Face of Justin Trudeau: Are Palestinians Canada's New Jews?

On March ...

Venezuela cartoon Raul Castro controls Maduro

Our growth