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When You Know the Basics but You Still Cant Code Programming for

When You Know the Basics but You Still Cant Code Programming for


Learn to Program, not a Programming Language

How Computer Science Basics Can Help You Learn Coding Faster

4 Reasons You Can't Learn to Code That Have Nothing to Do With Being Lazy or a Poor Programmer

5 Tips for Learning Coding (With No Prior Experience)

I got my first developer job after 4 months of learning web development. It was lot of hard work but this is how I did it.

“I Want to Learn Programming but I Don't Know where to Start”

How to Learn to Program in C

There's a lot more to professional programming than writing code. From working with a team to solve problems to version control, you won't make it to the ...

There's many different ways to learn a language, and in this article you'll learn what I think is the best way to learn something new.

Find Out in Three Minutes (or Less!) If a Career in Tech Is

64 Resources for Learning to Code for Free

How to Learn Computer Science Basics to Become a Better Programmer

The most difficult things about learning to code by yourself — and how to tackle them

1 Trick to Solve any Programming Problem! Why you can't Solve your Coding problem?

10 Life-Changing Reasons You Should Learn to Code

5 Reasons Architects Should Learn to Code

How I convinced an employer to take a chance on me and pay me to learn to code.

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code. When I started sharing my journey about mastering programming and ...

Almost immediately I began teaching myself CSS — because I really wanted to dig in and change the design on my travel blog.

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javascript code

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My well-worn whiteboard, adorned with Dijkstra's single-source shortest-paths algorithm. It's true. I've ...

Mimo: Learn to Code 4+

What's your background and how did you get into product management? I got in ...


Swift Playgrounds 4+

How I wasted two years of my life trying to learn web development before discovering Free Code Camp

The 14 Things You Should Never Do While Learning To Code

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4 Reasons You Can't Learn to Code That Have Nothing to Do With Being Lazy or a Poor Programmer

If you want to learn Data Science, start with one of these programming classes

Hopscotch: Coding for kids 4+. Make your own game, learn code

Should you learn Python or R? via udacity.com

Arduino 5 Minute Tutorials: Lesson 2 - Basic Code & Blink LED

No matter how you cut it, AI solves big, intractable problems that have eluded us for decades. We know how to drive a car yet we can't tell machines how to ...

In the last 5 years there has been a push for people to learn to code and pursue software engineering as a career. Taking a look at Google Trends, you can ...

If you want to get into coding, a good language to start with is Python


35 programming habits that make your code smell

6 How Are Apps Made?

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I celebrated my THREE year anniversary at Udacity and completed my SIXTH Nanodegree program as a student [Android Basics, Android, Front-End, Full-Stack, ...

How Computer Science Basics Can Help You Learn Coding Faster

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When Colin Hughes was about eleven years old his parents brought home a rather strange toy. It wasn't colorful or cartoonish; it didn't seem to have any ...

You will swallow a lot of water :-) CODING

intro to app dev. IDG. If you ...

How to Start Learning Coding? 6 Simple Tips for Beginners

What Can I Build With Python?

How To Make An App (for beginners) – Start Here

Is Apple teaching kids to code, or just teaching them about code?

Get Our FREE Guide to Landing a Junior Developer

Learn coding online for free. Today you ...


Codecademy Demo - Codecademy.png

I was shocked because I had surpassed competitors with 5 years of experience. I knew I had worked hard, but this achievement exceeded my expectations.

What is the Best Way to Learn Coding Faster? Learn Computer Science Basics to Achieve

After All These Years, the World is Still Powered by C Programming

Don't worry, the computers aren't sitting around reading your old tweets for fun. And if they did, it wouldn't be “fun,” anyway. It would be painful.

sample code unity. As you can see ...

WoC in Tech Stock Photos used under CC

which programming language to learn thumb800. I want to learn to code ...

Learn to Code I ...

If you're reading this article, most probably, you already know what Computer-aided design, in short CAD, is. But in case you do not, it basically involves ...

4 Key Things You Need to Know About Ruby on Rails

There are two important things to know about coding education:

A perfect guide for cracking a JavaScript interview (A developer's perspective)

Why C Programming Is Still Worth Learning c programming example code

Because it's so much better at storing bundles of information, C++ is used in a lot of large, complex programs, like Windows. The downside?

You've done it: you've finished a course or finally made it to the end of a book that teaches you the basics of programming with Python.

Over the last week, I studied seven commonly used data structures in great depth. In the last 3 years since I first studied about them during my ...

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